Get involved

Get involved

Because we believe at Ring 4 Change that the outcome of democratic processes around the world must lead to a positive change and transformation, we are helping to influence this outcome by simply asking you to ring for a worthy cause – Ring for Change.

Choose which of our current Events or Issues you want to Get Involved with.


Volunteering for Ring 4 Change gives you the opportunity to meet and discuss events and issues with like-minded people who believe in the Common Good.

If you have time to explore what this will mean to you, attend one our interactive sessions and see what others are doing. Volunteers carry out various roles including media and making telephone calls to people all over the world.

We can offer valuable references for volunteers who have been with us for 6 months. All we ask is for the volunteer to have worked as assigned and in line with Ring 4 Change aims and believes.

Send your CV to: